Director/ Writer- Rachel Tunnard


Produced by Pico Pictures

Creative England / BFI


Starring: Jodie Whitacker, Alice Lowe, Brett Goldstein, Ed Hogg, Eileen Davies, Lorraine Ashbourne




(WINNER) Best Debut Screenwriter - Rachel Tunnard

British Independant Film Awards BIFA's


(WINNER) Best Supporting Actor - Brett Goldstein

British Independant Film Awards BIFA's


(WINNER)  'NORA EPHRON PRIZE' for Best Female Director/Writer -Rachel Tunnard -Tribecca Film Festival 2016


(WINNER) 'ACCESION AWARD' for screenwriting - East End Film Festival 2016




Based on Rachel Tunnards BAFTA Nominated short Film 'Emotional Fusebox',


'Adult Life Skills' is a quirky comedy about arrested development. Anna, 29 has moved in to her mum's shed and is refusing to move out, spending most of her time making thumb videos and dressing like a homeless teenager.

Stuck in a menial job at a boating lake she strikes up an unlikely friendship with a cowboy obsessed 7 year old called Clint, whilst avoiding the awkward advances of the local Estate Agent Brendan.





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